“Scandinavia’s biggest bank has studied almost 11,000 publicly traded companies across the globe, and the results are crystal clear: firms with a woman running the show perform far better than the market.”

“The Nordea analysis shows that since 2009, firms that at the end of the calendar year were run by women (either as a chief executive officer or as head of the board of directors) went on to beat the benchmark index in all but one year.”

“Companies with a good track record are more likely to hire top female executives, whereas struggling companies may go for the “safe” bet of hiring a man.”

Nordea is a Nordic financial services group operating in Northern Europe. The bank is the result of the successive mergers and acquisitions of the Finnish, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish banks of Merita Bank, Unibank, Kreditkassen (Christiania Bank) and Nordbanken that took place between 1997 and 2000. The bank is present in 19 countries around the world, operating through full-service branches, subsidiaries and representative offices.

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