Rita Hausken

“In my life, I have been given what others would call extreme challenges, which I, in turn, have learned to consider extreme opportunities.”

Rita is an unshakable optimist, so passionate and driven by love that her fearless approach to people motivates them to reach their goals and find the power within to change their lives.  She knows how it feels to be overwhelmed and completely out of it because of a stressful life, and how one can turn any negative situation into the greatest opportunity of your life through planning and strategizing.

Rita was born, schooled and raised in Stavanger, the oil capital of Norway, and grew up with Sunday trips to the fjord where oil platforms were built back in the 70’s. Expats became her new neighbours, and English quickly became her second language. After a yearlong stint at design school, she got restless and decided to work instead. That’s when her ‘life learning’ began.

By the age of 22, she had experienced her first management role after she joined a company that was responsible for managing bars and restaurants. Due to an internal dispute which resulted in the GM leaving, she was suddenly in the space of opportunity and before long, was managing all 80 employees on the payroll, along with the title: General Manager. She quickly began working on strategies, with a goal of delivering optimal experiences for the company’s clientele, many of whom worked in the O&G sector.

Seven years later she bid her farewells to the hospitality industry and sought after something new. In 1997, she joined the world of media as an advertising sales executive for a small independent oil and gas industry newspaper who had a team with a vision: to be the world’s leading Oil & Gas newspaper. They were a dynamic team of approximately 30 individuals back then and as the newspaper became popular and gradually grew, so did Rita.

A year after joining she was promoted to Assistant Sales Manager. She progressed over to General Manager for Europe and Africa, a role she held from 2000 to 2006. She was then promoted to Sales Director Middle East (2006 to 2008) and finally to Sales Director EMEA up until 2017.

Today, Upstream News and Upstreamonline.com has readers in 104 countries and is the most widely read O&G business news bulletin amongst top management working in the energy sector. Rita was there from the beginning.

“In my life, I have been given what others would call extreme challenges, which I, in turn, have learned to consider extreme opportunities. These opportunities have shown me the power of truly believing in hope. They have shown me that I can use my hopes and desires as goals, and essentially turn them into reality. These opportunities have shown me not to fear, but rather embrace the hurdles that life can throw at us, the horrible status quo, and decide that there might lay opportunities to make a difference, to create a change, and to accomplish what others consider impossible.”

Rita’s son Benjamin was diagnosed with Hurler syndrome at age two and doctors told her that he would not live past the age of 12. Unwilling to accept this and hopeful that there was a solution, she went on a journey that would change her life forever. This has by far been both the most challenging and wonderful strategy she has ever worked on in her life.

Driven by deep love together with those who were empowered by her belief, including her son, they succeeded in defying all odds. As a result, Benjamin and many other children who were once doomed to an early death, now live a better and longer life and Rita has come to know the power of believing in herself, her strategies and her goals. Benjamin celebrated his 23rd birthday in September 2017.

Rita’s personal motto is ”As long as there is life there is hope”.

Rita has an adventurous spirit and loves diving, fishing, hiking and skiing. She travels a lot, loves meeting and connecting with new people, working with families at the hospital, public speaking and singing jazz – though this generally only happens amongst her close friends (along with a glass of wine)!

She also enjoys stillness and slowing down through reading, sitting in silence, being on her boat and doing her Miracle Morning.

Rita is passionate about the energy industry and observing how this important sector is working towards a more sustainable future. She is equally passionate about gender balance and seeing women take seats at the leadership table. Woman play a vital role in the future of sustainable development initiatives for companies globally, many opportunities are being made available, and Rita believes that NOW is the right time for women to step up and show up.

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