“The percentage of women in the oil and gas industry’s workforce drops over time and falls particularly sharply – from 25% to 17% – between the middle-management and senior-leadership career stages. This trend won’t change unless CEO’s make gender diversity a higher strategic priority.”

“There are many actions the industry can take to increase the number of female employees and accelerate its progress toward gender balance.”

“Greater gender balance is a worthwhile and attainable goal for the industry, and one that has the means to achieve.”

The report’s findings are based on substantial proprietary research that included detailed personal interviews with more than 60 male and female senior industry executives worldwide, a survey of approximately 2,000 male and female industry professionals from a wide range of companies and countries, and primary quantitative data provided confidentially by all major international oil companies and several national oil companies (a total of 38 companies with collective revenues of $1.9 trillion and employees representing between 25% and 30% of the industry’s global workforce).

One high-level finding from their research that is worth noting is the consistency of their survey results across geographies: despite in-depth analysis, they could not find any statistically significant differences among companies in different countries or regions. This consistency reflects the powerful influence of the industry’s current culture, which is global in scope and sufficiently strong to override the influence of regional forces. This culture will need to change materially if the industry hopes to make meaningful strides toward gender balance, as they discuss in detail in the report.

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