“Slow Down to Speed Up”

“When I started my journey, I didn’t clearly understand my WHY, it was an invisible force that was hanging around, and it took 27 years before I truly discovered it, and how to utilize it.”

During her 20-year career in the corporate world, having achieved a number of ‘impossible’ goals in both business and on a personal front, Rita came to realize that she could have made a bigger difference to the companies she worked for, the teams she led, her clients and to herself.

She realised that she hadn’t tapped into her confidence and had instead adopted the corporate style of life. She was working 24/7, always on the go and never had time to hear herself think.

She looked back at the ‘impossible’ dreams and goals she had achieved, how she had gone about attaining these through strategizing (her speciality and something she loved), and fully came to understand her reasons for taking the journey that she did. She also came to understand her true desires. She came to realise her WHY.

The industry crash of 2014 was the start of a personal journey to check in with herself.

“I started to SLOW DOWN! I took time for myself and implemented powerful morning routines which defined how I wanted to show up as a person every day. I found that living a conscious life creates self-confidence and empowers you to communicate powerfully.”

She realised that she could have saved the teams she worked with from unnecessary energy drainers through talking confidently about her beliefs, a few of which are: a) that listening is a key component in moving forward in any situation; b) that the answer usually lays within the room; and c) that mistrust is an enemy in any organization.

She started working with a personal coach which resulted in bringing confidence and personal enjoyment back into her life. Her journey ultimately led her to become a Certified Professional Coach intent on helping others to learn the skills she has been taught, to strategise, powerfully communicate and show up confident in any situation.

Now she works passionately with woman in the Energy industry who have come to realise that they want to find their true purpose, live their visions and ideas, and want to show up energised and inspired, doing what they love and being leaders in the real sense of the word.

“I coach because I love experiencing how people discover themselves when I ask powerful questions, truly listen, challenge them and then watch them step outside of their comfort zone and completely change their lives.”

Rita believes in a new way of working and doing business by introducing simplicity, heart and purpose into women’s lives, both in the office and at home. She knows that when women are very clear on their deepest desires, they can create a business and family life that supports those desires.

“I help women connect to an effortless life flow while growing their careers, ensuring that busyness, stress and pressure don’t high-jack their lives and my coaching is aimed at helping women keep their innermost intentions, values and vision at the forefront of everything they do.”

Rita is passionate about seeing woman succeed and make it to the leadership table in the O&G industry, and strongly feels that they will play a huge role in the sustainability era.

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