Merging diverse feminine and masculine energies to create a happy and sustainable future

Shestainability is a concept that applies to both women ‘she’ and men ‘he’. To paraphrase Sally Helgesen in a 2010 leadership excellence article, men are like lasers, women are like radars. The combination of the tough and tender, and the laser-like focus of masculine energy mixed with the radar-like curiosity of feminine energy is extremely powerful.

Shestainability takes a holistic, balanced and futuristic view on what is best for you, your community, your employees, your organisation and the planet as a whole. It focuses on where we are going as a species: human connection, sustainability, innovation, creativity and open communication. 

It is about inclusion and diversity, letting all voices be heard which in turn will allow the formation of incredibly creative sustainable solutions. And importantly, it´s about companies daring to take action on the ideas that come from women and other minorities which might look very different from the status quo. Shestainability is about trusting a different process and moving new ideas off the table and into action.


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Shestainability in your personal life

Are you happy in your day to day life? Do you have a good relationship with yourself and do you trust and care for yourself? Do you feel like you are on the right path in life, sharing your passion and contributing to the world in a positive manner? If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding ‘no’ then you may want to consider joining my team of 50+ women who have said ‘no more’ to feeling like a hamster on a wheel or a rat stuck in a cage – living groundhog day. Its time to believe in yourself, your voice and your ideas; and see them as larger than your current position or company. Its time for the world to listen to YOU!

What if YOUR ideas are exactly what an organisation needs to solve a problem or create a solution? What if your voice, heard loud and clear with its questions, its concerns and its opinions, could be the exact voice the organisation needs to listen to in order to prevent disasters or create something magnificent?

What if there is a  company who longs for a person with your thinking?

What if you create your own project?

What if you create your own side hustle?

What if you become your own boss and an entrepreneur?

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Shestainability in your organisation

The destruction of the planet and destructive organisational cultures are a very real thing. How can you make a difference? How can your organisation adapt and create a more positive outlook for the future of the company and future generations? Is what your organisation is doing today sustainable for tomorrow? Is your organization shestainable?

By inviting the Shestainability concept into your organisation, you could create a wave of positive change; and

  • promote inclusion, diverse thinking and encourage your employees to fully express themselves which will bring new innovative ideas to the leadership table
  • help masculine and feminine energies collaborate effectively to ensure maximum results
  • create a ‘one team’ environment and help unify your organisation towards the same end goals
  • increase bottom-line results
  • create sustainable solutions which are in line with the companies mission and vision, for example, Khushhali Bank of Pakistan has a second ‘bottom line’ of reducing local poverty

The Shestainability concept focuses on bringing out the ‘right-brain’ side of organisations, which are all too often unheard. While the right side of the brain is known to be more feminine, it is also creative, intuitive, receptive and integrating. Creating organisations that understand the power of giving people freedom and trust will lead to competitive sustainable ideas and solutions which will, in turn, ensure bottom-line results for all stakeholders as well as increase corporate social responsibility and welfare.


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Shestainability is about giving power to that voice within you that remains unspoken and unheard all too often, whether it be at home, in the workplace, with friends and in so many other places. It is about finding your true purpose and passion in life, working towards your big dreams/goals and having a group of women with a similar mindset around you to support you on your journey. It’s about self-care and listening to what you deep down know, but you so easily ignore.

By inviting Shestainability into your life, and being shestainable you can:

  • create a loving, lasting and trusting relationship with yourself
  • create confidence and let yourself be heard at both the dinner and leadership table
  • learn to experiment with creativity, think diversely and express yourself openly and with confidence
  • unify with both the masculine and feminine ways of thinking, and create collaboration and inclusion in your daily life
  • become more aware of your actions today and how they may affect future generations
  • bring your voice, ideas and vision out of the box and into reality

Shestainability is about taking care of you first, so that you can take care of others, at home, in your community or at work. At the end of the day, it is about creating a better future for humanity.

Be shestainable to become fully expressed, liberated and part of the solution.


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