“Rita Hausken has been my business coach for two consecutive periods. The first period brought clarity to my life and my professional career. The second period focused on developing my business. Rita’s competent and compassionate way of asking empowering questions and her commitment to helping me find my answers have transitioned who I am as a person. I now live my life according to my values and I design my career around the professional domains in which I am an expert in and that I am passionate about. Of all the good things I have learned, I want to highlight one essential takeaway: the experience of talking to a person who holds you and the feeling that such an experience creates is simply magnificent. In every conversation with Rita, I have shared stories and my deepest concerns, I have reflected, I have learned and I have grown. Most importantly, I have rebuilt energy so that I again show up as the compassionate person I am, which eventually has enabled me to become a better version of myself.”

Camilla – Entrepreneur, Pharmaceutical industry

“I have worked with Rita for a few years already and truly believe, thanks to Rita’s helpful guidance through both personal and professional challenges, that having a coach in life is a must. During our time together I started my own business, quit drinking alcohol, stopped smoking and got myself to one of the healthiest places I have ever been in my life. I practice a daily morning routine to start the day off right and am equipped with various tools to help me navigate any situation that may come my way. I attended one of Rita’s two-day intensive resorts in Norway in 2019 and that really shifted something in me. I made a number of big life decisions over that weekend and am actively working towards my big and what previously seems like unattainable goals. Rita’s guidance has been invaluable. I highly recommend Rita as a coach and the two-day intensive, it’s truly a game-changer.” 

Sofie – Consultant/Entrepreneur, Energy Industry

“Rita has greatly impacted my life! Working with Rita on the Energy Leadership Index Assessment was a life-changing journey for me. In our work together, Rita has helped me gain insights into the energy blocks holding me back in my personal and professional life. She assisted me in creating a pathway to my goals and success. In the few months I worked with Rita, I have found purpose and passion for my business and personal relationships. I am so energetic, happy and enthusiastic about everything. I have tangible goals and effective ways clearly set out on achieving them. Rita has helped me to become a more powerful, effective, and productive leader in my professional and personal life. I am eternally grateful to Rita for impacting my life so powerfully, without judgment, now I finally can live, love, work and play passionately achieving desired results.”

Jennifer – CEO/Entrepreneur, Education Industry

“I came to Rita because I had an idea for a business that I wanted to bring to life but I needed help. I was struggling to manifest my vision and turn it into something tangible and real. On top of that, I didn’t know where to find the energy to grow my idea, especially when things were difficult in other areas of my life. I felt restless and I knew I was spending my time where it just didn’t belong. I had this constant feeling of needing a change. My idea kept popping up, becoming stronger and stronger. I really wanted to do something with it and so I asked Rita to be my sounding board, knowing her for being direct, straight to the point, and asking challenging questions.  What I loved and appreciated the most during the six months working with Rita is the clarity, flow and the deep connection I created for myself and my purpose. Through our coaching partnership, I have gotten myself and my company ready to launch. I am out there manifesting the responses I am looking for. I am connecting with the right people and it feels thrilling and deeply satisfying. Rita made me take a deep dive into myself to find my purpose and what I do best naturally – because it is so important to me and in line with my values. She helped make it visible. It has, in turn, become my ever-burning engine and turned it into my greatest asset. And now I feel unstoppable.” 

Vorian – CBDM, Fishing Industry

“After years of pushing myself too hard, I was forced to stop and try to find new ways to deal with my stress and feeling of overwhelm.  I needed some help, but I didn’t know what that would be. Then I started my work with Rita. She helped me to see why I kept going back to feeling stressed and overwhelmed. She helped me understand what is most important in my life and what creates energy. Today I see when stress is about to take over. I have a choice, and I choose Rita’s tools to bring me back to where I feel better, about myself and the people around me. Working with her has given me a lifetime opportunity to feel happier, more hopeful, kinder and more optimistic. It is not only Rita’s technique that works so well but also the person she is. So warm and easy to get to know. So personal and caring, at the same time so professional. I feel she has had my back through a difficult time. Yet a time that has given me a whole new perspective on my life.”

Katrine – General Manager, Medical Industry

“The Shestainability Blueprint for Success workshop allowed me to recover my self-confidence and motivation. Rita guided us to identify our purpose and focus on the right strategies to achieve our vision. I particularly enjoyed the structured approach, the listening without prejudice, along with the strong connections with the empowering women who took part in the workshop.”

Ons – TEDx Speaker Coach

“Being coached by Rita was one-of-a-kind experience for me. She is not just listening, she is in my head. She is not just observing, she deeply understands. Given her professional background and experience in life as well as her genuine passion for coaching, I found Rita to be uniquely qualified to help me assess the impact of my own personality both in my personal life and at work. She helped me place my professional ambitions in the context of both my strengths and weaknesses. Through our extremely intense conversations, I have achieved a crystal-clear view on my true goals. Her coaching guided me through a series of important decisions by helping me articulate a variety feelings, emotions and desires, eventually arriving at a step-by-step plan to further develop towards my goals, with more awareness, focus and a sense of fulfillment. Looking back, I can wholeheartedly recommend Rita to anybody considering coaching for variety of aspects in both their professional and private lives.”

Karsten – Entrepreneur, Financial Industry

“Being part of Rita’s Shestainability Blueprint for Success workshop has been an intense, transformative and empowering experience. It was a rich process of self discovery, where we outlined our purpose, passion, core values, breaking of limiting beliefs and setting up our true narratives to create a clear vision. I’m immensely grateful for Rita Hausken for daring to live her truth and her willingness to give herself fully; for creating safe space for self discovery and support for women; and for her ability to inspire and bring out the light in others. She is the embodiment of a true leader, and a role model for the future self I want to become. With Rita’s guidance I experienced the power vulnerability and the impact of showing up as myself. It felt like a homecoming; a feeling that you might not necessarily dare to dream or imagine, but have always been craving. It was a testimony to the magic that happens when you show up as your true self, sincerely and ready to do whatever it takes to get where you want to be. Her ability to create an atmosphere of trust and be a catalyst to true connection and change was impeccable and inspiring. I feel honored and privileged to have been part of this experience.”

Miriam – Radiographer, Pharmaceutical Industry

“Rita has the highest integrity and professionalism at all times and understands and appreciates the relationship between work colleagues and organisations. We have built an excellent rapport with her over the years and have always found it a pleasure to work with her on any project worldwide, and hope to continue to do so for many years to come. There are very few in the business who can match her high standards and personal approach.”

Babette – Chief Executive, Energy Industry

“I had the privilege of participating in Rita’s Shestainability Blueprint for Success workshop. Rita has a unique ability to see people. She is not afraid to ask the tough questions and she will not accept answers that are “the correct ones” — she wants the truth. I now have a better understanding of what my purpose is, and what I need in my life to be the best version of myself! In order to really create a change in your own life, you must be ready to change yourself. Rita is the person to help and guide you through that journey.”

Eline – Advisor, Energy Industry

“I approached Rita when I felt really stuck in my job – I felt like I’d lost focus and drive but wasn’t sure if the issue lay with the job or if it was something within me that was preventing me from enjoying the role. I was coached by Rita online and I’ve lost count of the number of ‘aha’ moments I had during our sessions. Her insightful questions really opened my eyes in terms of why I had been thinking and behaving in certain ways, and I was so surprised when she made me realise how deep-rooted my beliefs were and how my much my current actions were linked to my past. I came away with more than I ever thought I could gain, and felt that I could move forward with much more awareness of how best to tackle any challenges ahead.”

Takako – Head of Digital Operations, Media Industry