Deep dive session – experience a BREAKTHROUGH!

During this two hour session, we will dive deep into your inner world – oh yes – that of your mind which is ever so active. I will be your sounding board, partnering up with you in a thought-provoking and creative process so you can maximise your personal and professional potential. We will explore what makes you excited, what pisses you off, what motivates and demotivates you and most importantly – WHY. The goal at the end of this session is for you to walk away ready to TAKE ACTION and start the journey of living your true purpose.

2 hour session

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Coaching – be remarkable, be YOU and influence change

My one on one coaching sessions are designed to help you make significant positive changes in both your personal and professional life. We Discover! You bring your desires, and I bring my curiosity and energy. You bring your stories, and I promise to turn each stone and to tell you things no one else would dare, and I make sure you know that who you are is so much more extraordinary than who you pretend to be. Discover your true purpose, your passion, what moves you. You will know your unique abilities, your zone of genius and know that your ideas and visions will be taken action on! Looking for the next MBA or Phd? Then This Mastery of Self Awareness is what you truly want if you want to lead! We will use Energy Leadership Index assessment to get inside information and a better understanding of what is preventing you from living to your fullest potential and what actions can be taken to boost your creative energy.

3, 6 or 12 month programme

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Full-day VIP session – strategise your GOALS

This is designed to help you with one or more areas of your business life. You may be looking for a career change, have a big interview to prepare for, need to give a speech or presentation, need to confront your peers/boss or you may be looking for ways to motivate your staff and get them thinking and working in a different direction. This full-day VIP strategy session will help you up your game and improve your leadership skills.

Full-day session

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2-day intensive resort – ready to really DIVE IN?

This can take place at my summer house in Norway or another location of our choosing. We will spend time on anything you want to get clarity on and help to move you forward. It can be clearing out the BS (aka bogus story) that has been holding you back and identifying the true story that increases your confidence and trust in yourself. For two full days, we will focus entirely on YOU, discovering your purpose, creating your vision, diving deep into the past and what shaped you to become the person you are today. We will look at the present, what works and does not work, and you will set goals and create action steps that you will take to build your ideal purpose-driven life.

2-day intensive in person resort

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Shestainability – your Blueprint for Success  – exclusive GROUP PROGRAMME

This online group session consisting of a maximum of six participants is designed to dive into purpose, passion and help you with planning. You will learn to craft a compelling vision so that you have meaning behind your goals and feel confident in the decisions you are making. We will get clear on what you want so you can identify and take full advantage of more fulfilling opportunities. You can only create a sustainable life, career, idea or solution if you start with your core – be shestainable.

2 day online group programme

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Public speaking

Rita is an international speaker who works with organisations that see diversity and inclusion as key organisational values and who are willing to embrace and act upon ideas presented by their diverse teams. Rita empowers women to find their voices within male-dominated professions and highlights how female presence on a management team or at board level has a positive impact on any company or business. During her talks, she ignites discussion on what women´s network are about and also guides the audience towards actionable ideas. Rita is an inspirational speaker and motivator for any company that would like to expand their horizon and dare to challenge what’s possible.

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Rita has been part of various panellist discussions covering sustainability, inclusion and diversity. Her role as a panellist is to challenge the status quo and ensure the audience get their opinions heard. Are you looking for the real deal from a panellist who will create insight and action? Then reach out and have a conversation with Rita.

Rita has been leading ‘Lean in Energy Europe’ since 2018, a community consisting of both men and woman who have a mission to empower women who are currently working in, or who have an interest in joining the energy sector. This group gets together on a monthly basis to hold meaningful monthly conversations around current affairs and many other diverse topics including helping women reach their ambitions in the sector.

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